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Welcome to the Premier of Collector Freak Boutique

We are a collection of boutique or niche specialty auction websites designed to cater to just one collection category -- a place for collectors who are a "freak" about what they collect.


What is your collecting passion?  Cartoon characters?  Harley Davidson Memorabilia? NASCAR items? Do you collect Dog or Cat figurines?  Is there a football, baseball or general sports enthusiast in the family?  We want to cater to each person 's individual obsession.


We'll never call you a hoarder – just passionate about what you like!!  We want to know - what do you have to, need to collect?  Do your friends call you a "freak" about something you buy?    What group of items do you search the internet for, non-stop?


Join our email notification list and be one of the first "freaks" to experience and influence our flagship boutiques.  We will let you know when we are ready to launch our first auction.

January 2015 - First Freak Boutique Auction Website Goes Live

Cartoon Freak Boutique

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Cartoon Freak Boutique

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