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The first Collector Freak Boutique auction website is live -- introducing is a niche specialty auction website designed to cater to just one collection category – CARTOONS. We're a place for collectors who are a "freak" about the cartoon character they collect.


In the day and age of mega stores, big box stores and warehouse shopping we thought it would be nice to return back to the times of personalized shopping. A time before stores and shopping venues were all-things-to-all-people offering everything from socks to cars.


The best analogy we can make is that we are a specialty store like your favorite shoe store – just shoes. In our case – just cartoon & animation collectibles and memorabilia. Whereas eBay is like Walmart – anything and everything. We are like eBay in that we are global yet unlike eBay in that our final value fees are lower. We are like Craigslist in that we are really easy to use. We are unlike Craigslist in that we have a small final value fee in exchange for global exposure. is dedicated to JUST the cartoon collection you freak out about.

So no shoes, of course unless, for example, Mickey Mouse is on the shoes. No tires, unless we might find Tweety Bird on the tires. Just lots and lots of cartoon collectibles, memorabilia – great 'toon items.


Target: People who enjoy buying, selling and collecting cartoon character collectibles and memorabilia.


An example of a great item being sold on is a very rare, vintage, sawdust stuffed Heffalump by Gund from Disney's Winnie the Pooh.


I am interested in connecting with people who freak out about collecting character items from Disney, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Pixar, Hanna-Barbera, Nickelodeon, Nippon Animation – come buy, come list, come sell.


Contact me at 262-662-1269,