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Our first online auction "freak boutique" will be animated cartoon characters.  Why cartoons?


The auction sites were started by Gary Hoffmann and his wife, Deb Hoffmann, the Guinness World Record holder for the "Largest Pooh and Friends Memorabilia" and owner of  Deb is always searching the internet, classified and auction websites for Winnie the Pooh cartoon merchandise, items and collectibles.  She often thought it would be nice to have one place that would be her go-to "Pooh-fix" – someplace to find one of a kind collectible, exclusive merchandise and unique items for her collection.


In the day and age of mega stores, big box stores and warehouse shopping – the Hoffmann's thought it would be nice to return back to the times of personalized shopping before stores and shopping venues were all-things-to-all-people offering everything from socks to cars.  Freak Boutiques are dedicated to the collection you freak out about.


The website collections will showcase one specific collection category.  If you like to collect cow figurines, you won't have to worry about getting cross-selling emails for farm implements.  If you collect coins, you won't receive emails to buy gold bricks.  And, if you collect a cartoon item also associated with kids, you won't be spammed with children's clothing offers – period.


NOTE: Collector Freak Boutique nor Cartoon Freak Boutique are associated with eBay or Craigslist or any of the animation studios mentioned.  We do not claim to represent them nor are affiliated with them in any way.

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